CoinBNS Exchange has Launched ICO of CBNST Token

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Private Sale (Phase 5) Ends in:

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Phase 5 Token Allocation

Token Allocated

Price of 0.10 USD per 1 CBNST Token.
4 of 6 phases completed

3438.66 USD raised

721451.24 USD raised in total


CBNST Token - The native utility token of CoinBnS is CBNST, Coin BnS Token. The token has multiple use cases for governance, platform utility, and much more. Get CBNST on

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How to Buy CBNST Token ?



Firstly, you need to create an account on the CBNST token website. This gives you access to buy.


Send USDT(TRC20)

Login to your account, Send USDT(TRC20) to the address assigned.


Token Allocated

After successful payment, Your tokens will be allocated.

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CBNST Token Roadmap

  • 2018
  • Q4

    Company Incorporation

  • 2019
  • Q1

    Core Team established

  • Q2

    Product idea & Validation

    Market & Research

  • Q3

    Development team established

    Development of P2P & Instant Crypto Swap Exchange begins

  • Q4

    Completed Development of Instant Crypto Swap

  • 2020
  • Q1

    CoinBNS Instant Crypto Swap beta version Launched

  • Q2

    CoinBNS Instant Crypto Swap Launched & Live

  • Q3

    CoinBNS P2P exchange 80% work done

  • 2021
  • Q1

    Website Development Completed.

  • Q2

    Started Development of Mobile App

  • Q3

    Website & Mobile App, Alpha Version Launched.

  • Q4

    Proposed IEO, Whitepaper Released.

  • 2022
  • Q1

    Token Sell Live

  • Q2

    CoinBNS P2P & Instant Swap Exchange Launch

  • Q3

    Spot Trading Exchange Launch

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